Boggle Online

Do you love Boggle? You have come to the right place. I have collected a list of online java and shockwave Boggle games on the web! These are multiplayer games you can play directly in your web browser. I have rated and selected the very best online Boggle games and created a list for you.

If you didn't know Boggle is originally a word game. You should find words from a number of dice with letters on. This is what the original Boggle game looks like:

Traditional Boggle

Online Boggle reviews:

1. Spellbound

This is a clear winner. It is not strictly Boggle, because the playing area is a lot bigger, but it is basically the same rules. You can see pictures of the persons you are playing against, and there are two different game modes. On the website there are also a number of other great addictive multiplayer games. Every player can also have a personal page, which is linked to from the games! Very cool! Highly recommended! There are also no requirement of registration before you can play which I like. This game is in Java.

2. Word Hunt

This game is a little more like the original Boggle game. It works, but the input is often quite unresponsive, which is kind of annoying. Also the website is very messy, and it's hard to find your way around. This game is in Flash or Shockwave

3. Tangleword

First you need to register, which is kind of awkward. Then the game is really full of bugs. Strange how such a big website cannot create better games. I cannot really recommend this game. This game is in Java.

Have you found any other multiplayer Boggle games online? Let me know so I can write a review!